Our Company

Our team collectively encompass over half a century of real estate experience. The Mars brand was created in 2018 opened for business in Albany. ‘Plan-it for your future’ incorporates the overall contribution of Mars to your life, it looks to your future and plans accordingly.



Your Way, Mars Way. A sales consultant working with Mars will seek to push the envelope with the value of service, providing help and advice well after the transaction has been completed.

Service, of course, would only go so far unless accompanied by knowledge of the market and trained consultants who know what they are doing. With their multi-faceted skill set and global worldview, Mars Realty delivers marketing knowledge in the development, residential and commercial sectors of the Real Estate market. The team have found that over the years people keep coming back and there is a good reason for this. They value trust, they value knowledge and most of all they value integrity when it comes to transacting what will most likely create a whole new life for them. This is our secret and we know that it is of the utmost importance to over-deliver on our promises in order to keep our business humming. So that is what we continue to do.


Our Difference


Individuality and opportunity

Mars Realty provides a professional platform that enables national and international clients to showcase their homes, business and/or commercial assets. Our Team comprises a multi-lingual flavour making it easy to converse with national and international clients alike. Our clients’ needs are diverse and we are well prepared to cater for different niche’s to maximise the returns. Our goal and indeed our overall vision is to provide a satisfactory outcome to create long term relationships.


Experience means a lot

Collectively, the team at Mars has a century of experience and arguably the number one real estate office in the niche in which we operate. Our high performing team of professionals means you will have the support and reassurance of the combined efforts of Mars Realty.


Working for Your best interests

We guide you through the entire process. Our dedicated agents will give you feedback and provide you with our knowledge/experience to support your decision making. We are available for you anytime, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.


Variety of real estate

Mars Realty has quickly obtained an enviable reputation and sales record since their conception. The primary reason for this is the hard work coupled with the attitude and experience of the collective team.



Our Expertise



Mars Realty covers all aspects of real estate so whatever your needs are, we will most likely have a team within our team that specialises in it. From a compact family home on the North Shore through to an executive residence in St Mary’s Bay or Takapuna, you will most likely find it in the Mars Magazine. As you browse through the magazine, It will quite quickly become apparent that Mars Realty operates in a niche above the typical real estate company.


Development and projects

This type of development is a typical sight when looking through the Mars magazine or the windows of the Mars Realty office. The Mars Team is known around town for being the specialists in land development and we are likely to be able to answer any related question you may have. In addition to this, we know all the big players in this niche so we can assist in putting together a team to get the job done.



We have a commercial property division in the company that covers a range of services. Whether it be leasing, commercial investing, commercial property management or sales we have the experience and the know-how to create a positive outcome. As a group of professionals we are here to help you get your feet into the ever-changing commercial world.