Our team collectively encompass over half a century of real estate experience. The Mars brand was created in 2018 opened for business in Albany. ‘Plan-it for your future’ incorporates the overall contribution of Mars to your life, it looks to your future and plans accordingly.

Your Way, Mars Way. A sales consultant working with Mars will seek to push the envelope with the value of service, providing help and advice well after the transaction has been completed.

Service, of course, would only go so far unless accompanied by knowledge of the market and trained consultants who know what they are doing. With their multi-faceted skill set and global worldview, Mars Realty delivers marketing knowledge in the development, residential and commercial sectors of the Real Estate market. The team have found that over the years people keep coming back and there is a good reason for this. They value trust, they value knowledge and most of all they value integrity when it comes to transacting what will most likely create a whole new life for them. This is our secret and we know that it is of the utmost importance to over-deliver on our promises in order to keep our business humming. So that is what we continue to do.


Our Difference

We offer a professional platform that empowers national and international clients to showcase their residential homes, businesses, and commercial assets. With our team's multi-lingual proficiency, we effortlessly engage with clients from diverse backgrounds, ensuring effective communication and understanding. Recognizing the varied needs of our clients, we are adept at catering to different niches to maximize returns on their investments. Our overarching goal and vision revolve around delivering satisfactory outcomes and nurturing long-term relationships.

Experience is paramount to us. With a collective century of expertise, Mars Realty stands as a leading force in our niche market. Our high-performing team of professionals ensures you receive the support and reassurance of our combined efforts.

We prioritize your best interests throughout the entire process. Our dedicated agents provide valuable feedback and leverage their knowledge and experience to support your decision-making. We're available seven days a week to address any inquiries or concerns you may have.

Mars Realty has swiftly earned an enviable reputation and sales record since its inception. This success is attributed to the hard work, positive attitude, and extensive experience of our collective team.